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jASH v2 – Release

Hello my friends,

we are releasing the new jASH v2 version. This update included a whole new config system with Mulitple Account Managment, some bug fixes and a lot of small improvements.



Issue List:

  • I lost my Closed Alpha Access
  • DashBoardUpdater.exe Not found
    • Start the DashBoardUpdater.exe by your own
  • Config Reset
    • Because of some config saving changes we thought its a good way to reset all settings. It’s still in alpha so please do not blame us that we haven’t build an importer 🙂
  • My Tracking details are gone
    • Yes because we changed the way how information’s will be saved/tracked
  • How can I import a access token by my own?
    • Currently not possible. If you want to use jASH on 2 or more PC at the same time – You need to copy the whole config.sqlite in /config.
    • We will looking into this later


Check out our changelogs to see the full list.

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