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jASH v2 – Release

Hello my fiends,


It’s a long time since the last update. First of all, I want to inform you why this update took so long.

We started with our plans and development for the IRC Chat release in April 2015. Since this date we took a bunch of energy, passion and hearth into this patch. BUUUUT during this long journey we encountered some issues in development and Team building. After some thoughts in my mind I decided to take jASH back as a one men army project. So fmaster100 is no longer part of this project. I thank him for all the hard work and wish him all the best.

After my team specific decision, I was forced to rewrite a lot of our work from the past months. I decided to ask Woogyface for some help and he jumped in and helped me as a friend. Really thank you my friend for your hard work on the IRC Lib. I really really appreciate that. So please honor him 🙂

Also a big thanks to J n K Chris for making these awesome icons.

Ok so back to topic: D

This update included tons of new stuff

  • New Design (Flat Design)
  • First Chat Version
    • Without Emotes!!! (Will come later, this version is more for performance testing)
    • Chat Commands
      • /join Channelname
      • /part or /part Channelname
      • /host channel
      • /unhost
    • Custom chat Layout
    • WARNING: If you have any issues with the Chat just disconnect (Connect -> Disconnect)
  • Twitch Alerts as a Donation Service. (This is the first version. Update with more options will follow)
  • Tons of fixes and improvements


Check out our changelogs to see the full list.


jASH v2 - Event Tab
jASH v2 - Chat Tab
jASH v2 - Chat Layout Settings
jASH v2 - TwitchAlerts Settings
jASH v2 - Virus Total

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