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jASH v2 – Closed alpha Status

Hello my friends,

it’s a long time since we wrote some letters about jASH v2. Some of you may thought the project is gone but no worries it’s still in development and the closed alpha is still in progress. We thought we can do a short closed alpha but we got so much feedback with so many fantastic ideas … we want to implement all those awesome ideas, to improve your jASH experience.

Before we are starting to talk about the current status of jASH v2 and what’s already included and what comes next:

The closed alpha is still in progress and new people are always welcome. You need to subscribe www.twitch.tv/zaflu , Send zAfLu a twitch PM with „I want to join the alpha“ and you will get a message with all the information’s + Download link.

And now back to the development status:

  • New Features
    • View hosting (included view count )
    • Follower/Subscription Goals (Export) + Total count export
    • Donation Tracker like Donation-Tracker.com & Streamtip.com export and alerts
    • Advanced Countdown features
    • Uptime to textfile export + Uptime shown in sidebar
    • Stopwatch to textfile export + Stopwatch in sidebar
    • Viewcount to textfile export o New advanced statistics window
    • Option to disable viewcount in sidebar
    • „Not Playing“ option in game selection
    • Advanced error reporting + Crash Report window in application crashes
    • Prevent multiple application instances, you can now run jASH just once per computer
    • .JAR extension support in the Application Manager
    • Some more Sidebar boxes like „Next ad in“ – „Last advertising“ and many more
  • Planned
    • Re add a Twitch Chat to jASH
    • Notifier (Visual notifier )
    • More information exports to improve your individualization options
    • And many stuff we don’t want to talk about yet 😉

These are some of our currently included new features, many more will come 🙂 We have many cool ideas and already some awesome stuff in development. If you want to have a look on jASH v2 join the closed alpha (Follow the instructions at the top) and feel free to send us feedback. We need as much feedback as possible to make jASH better.

Thanks for being interested in jASH v2 development. Please stay tuned – jASH v2 will be awesome and it is still awesome.


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