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jASH v2 – Release


Hello my fiends,   It’s a long time since the last update. First of all, I want to inform you why this update took so long. We started with our plans and development for the IRC Chat release in April 2015. Since this date we took a bunch of energy, passion and hearth into this patch. BUUUUT during this long ...

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jASH – The story of a birthday


jASH just celebrated its first birthday! I never imagined that this small dashboard tool would grow into such a big and popular project. The project was a small rewritten version of the popular Dashboard lite. After months of learning C# and rewriting the code, i finally finished the first Open Beta version of jASH v1. Back on 16th April in ...

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jASH v2 – Release


Hello my friends, we are releasing the new jASH v2 version. This update included a whole new config system with Mulitple Account Managment, some bug fixes and a lot of small improvements.   IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS: Issue List: I lost my Closed Alpha Access We remove the whole hardcoded user whitelist. Twitch sub IS necessary. DashBoardUpdater.exe Not found Start the DashBoardUpdater.exe by your own ...

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jASH v2 – Info (Hosting Feature #1)

Hello guys, this is just a short information for our v2 closed Alpha testers. The Hosting feature is currently broken because of some Twitch changes (Will have a look on it). I will keep you informed.   **UPDATE** Hosting feature will be fixed with the next update. I can not give any ETA on it BUT i can „garan damn ...

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jASH v2 – Need your help


Hallo meine Freunde,   heute richte ich mich mal wieder auf Deutsch an euch. Da Woogyface aus persönlichen Gründen als Entwickler kurzfristig nicht mehr weiter machen kann, suche ich dringend noch 1-2 Personen die Lust haben mich bei der jASH Entwicklung zu unterstützen. Hier lege ich auf jeden Fall wert deutschsprachige Entwickler zu haben, damit die Kommunikation besser läuft und ...

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jASH v2 – Closed alpha Status


Hello my friends, it’s a long time since we wrote some letters about jASH v2. Some of you may thought the project is gone but no worries it’s still in development and the closed alpha is still in progress. We thought we can do a short closed alpha but we got so much feedback with so many fantastic ideas … ...

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jASH v2 – Closed / Open Alpha


It’s time to announce that we will start with the closed alpha in a few days.  HYPE We have some open slots for our closed alpha. How to get access? Just send me a tweet with your twitch name and I will check if you get access 😉 *UPDATE* Check this link REMEMBER: We cannot offer access for everyone!! So don’t ...

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jASH v2 Day 5 – 15


Hello my friends, you might have thought we stopped working on jASH v2 BUT that’s not true We created a lot of controls (The UI elements) to build a unique application. Today we want to show you some new impressions of our current development build. The designing is almost finished. We started to fill the program with life   Main ...

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jASH v2 Day 4


Hello my friends,   EAT THIS! Ok I’m just joking … We want you to show our current jASH v2 development build. We added some new cool looking designs, new features and stuff you really wanted. You can see the new Auth window which includes a new one click authentication and cool looking buttons, text boxes and labels.   On ...

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