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jASH v2 – Closed alpha Status


Hello my friends, it’s a long time since we wrote some letters about jASH v2. Some of you may thought the project is gone but no worries it’s still in development and the closed alpha is still in progress. We thought we can do a short closed alpha but we got so much feedback with so many fantastic ideas … ...

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jASH v1: – Hot Fix / Crash Fix


Hello my friends, we need to roll out a short hot fix. By changes to the API, there was an error in Jash which caused an exception / jASH crash. Thanks for your reports. It should be fixed now. As a result of this changes we removed the authorization code saving in our config file. This has NO effect to ...

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jASH v2 Day 5 – 15


Hello my friends, you might have thought we stopped working on jASH v2 BUT that’s not true We created a lot of controls (The UI elements) to build a unique application. Today we want to show you some new impressions of our current development build. The designing is almost finished. We started to fill the program with life   Main ...

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jASH v2 Day 4


Hello my friends,   EAT THIS! Ok I’m just joking … We want you to show our current jASH v2 development build. We added some new cool looking designs, new features and stuff you really wanted. You can see the new Auth window which includes a new one click authentication and cool looking buttons, text boxes and labels.   On ...

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First Stable: jASH v1 (

jASH v1 Stable

After a few bug fixes over the last days i thought it’s time to bump the version to This version is the first „stable“ version of jASH and it will not be the last one. We are currently workin on a new design for jASH v2 and it will be awesome! Trust me! Woogyface did a great job so ...

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Microsoft kauft Mojang

Microsoft kauft Mojang

Was schon seit einigen Tagen durch das Internet geistert ist nun offiziell bestätigt. Microsoft hat Mojang für einen stolzen Preis von 2.5 Milliarden US Dollar gekauft. Warum wurde Mojang verkauft? Allem Anschein nach war der Druck und die Menge an Arbeit, die für Minecraft „drauf gegangen ist“, zu groß. Dazu kommt das Mojang ein riesiges globales Phänomen geworden ist das ...

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jASH v2 Day 3


Hello my friends… today i want you to show the currenty design version of jASH v2 after development day 3. Remember this is just our (mine and woogyface) design model. We add some different border layouts, a complete new Window Border Box (The Lights Gray stuff :)) and a complete new status bar on the bottom. You like your changes?

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Twitch von Amazon gekauft


Nun ist es also soweit das Twitch verkauft worden ist. Viele werden sagen: „Aber das stand doch schon vor Wochen fest das Google/YouTube unser aller Liebling Twitch übernehmen will“ oder „Erzähl mir mal was Neues!“ … Na, aber wer von euch hat, damit gerechnet das Es am Ende Amazon wird und nicht Google? Ich für meinen Teil empfinde diese Übernahme ...

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